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Vogsphere is the homeworld of the Vogons.

Vogsphere in the books Edit

Vogsphere was fruitful and abundant, to "make up" for the Vogons' lack of "evolution". This includes jewelled crabs which the Vogons crushed with mallets, slender trees to cook them, and gazelle like creatures which the Vogons could sit on, breaking its back. Once hyperspace was discovered, the Vogons left Vogsphere for the Megabrantis cluster.[1]

Vogsphere in the movie Edit

Vogsphere is ashy and derelict, with annoying spatula-shaped bugs that slap beings in their face if they ever say anything having to do with ideas, thinking, or anything of the sort. The Vogons still live there, and have buildings which double as their starships, as well as a rather lousy tram system. It orbits round a single sun.

Notes and references Edit

  1. From the first book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


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