"I seem to be having difficulty with my lifestyle."
—Arthur Dent's statement that caused the Vl'hurg's war[src]

The Vl'Hurg are a species who lived on the far reaches of the galaxy. They declared war on the G'Gugvunts, the original reason being to force the G'gugvunt's leader to take back what it had said about the Vl'Hurg Commander's mother, when a freak wormhole carried Arthur's words, "I seem to be having difficulty with my lifestyle", into the midst of their negotiations - it just so happens that in the Vl'Hurg language, that phrase is considered the most dreadful insult imaginable.

Vl'Hurg typically wear black, jewelled battle shorts as part of their uniforms.

A young Vl'Hurg officer and his G'Gugvunt girlfriend were present at Milliways when Zaphod Beeblebrox and his friends visited there.[1]

The Vl'Hurg's entire mathematical system was based on entrails and dried velohound penis.[2]


The Vl'Hurgs appear in:

Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. From chapter 3 of the book And Another Thing....

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