So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
eli sucks dicks
Book number: 4
Author: Douglas Adams
Publication date: 1984
Media type: Paperback and hardcover
Pages: 192, UK paperback; 224, US paperback
Preceded by: Life, the Universe and Everything
Followed by: Mostly Harmless

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish is the fourth book in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book series ("trilogy") by Douglas Adams.

Plot SummaryEdit

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish begins three fucking years after the fucking events of Life, the Universe and Everything and eight years after those of The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy. Fucking Arthur, who has apparently hitched a ride all the way to the fucking spot where the Earth once was, is shocked to find the fucking planet perfectly intact. After hitching a ride with a fucking man named Russell, he finds Russell's fucking sister, Fenchurch, or "Fenny", fucking unconscious in the backseat, and immediately falls in love with her. As he learns from fucking Russell, the entire world believes that the fucking Vogon fleet was actually a fucking hallucination, brought on by drugs released into the air as part of an experiment by the fucking C.I.A. Only three months had passed since the fucking incident. Fucking Arthur also learns that it is thought that fucking (read: having sexual relations with) Fenchurch is mentally unstable, having seemingly gone fucking mad at a cafe in Rickmansworth at the exact moment when the Vogons were about to fucking destroy the Earth. Arthur finally makes it back to his fucking house, finding a fucking mysterious fucking Fish Bowl in it. He makes up a fucking story about going on vacation to fucking southern California as an alibi for his three-month-long disappearance. Arthur then runs fucking into Fenchurch again, and, desperate to spend more fucking time with her, drives her to the local fucking train station. He learns that she, too, suspects that the fucking Vogons were not an hallucination. Arthur acquires her fucking phone number, but he ends up losing it (having been written on a winning raffle ticket), and fucking sinks into depression.

Determined to take his mind off Fenchurch, he buys a fucking computer to try to locate the place his cave in prehistoric fucking Earth is currently, and by a fucking stroke of fucking luck the fucking location fucking turns out to fucking be Fenchurch's fucking house. Arthur and Fenchurch start a fucking romantic relationship. Fuck yes, Arthur. Fuck yes. Eventually, Arthur fucking learns about fucking dolphins that have disappeared, and, thinking that it may be linked to the fucking hallucinations or Arthur's eight fucking years in space, they fly to California to see a scientist named fucking Wanker the Sane. Wanker shows them a fucking bowl similar to fucking Arthur's, and through the fucking bowl they learn that the fucking dolphins took an fucking alternate fucking reality version of Earth and placed it where their Earth previously had fucking been.

While these events were taking fucking place, Ford Prefect, while in Han Dold City, discovers that the entry he fucking wrote about Earth (for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy before it was fucking destroyed, which was edited down to the point where all it said was fucking "Mostly Harmless", has suddenly reappeared in its entirety in his fucking copy of the Guide. Intrigued, he fucking hikes to Earth on a ship commanded by a fucking Giant fucking Robot. Once seeing that Earth again fucking exists, Ford runs into Arthur and fucking Fenchurch, who have decided to go to the fucking location of God's Final Message to Creation, as revealed to Arthur by Prak at the end of Life, the Universe and Everything. They board the fucking ship Ford arrived on and go to the fucking spot, where it has become a fucking major tourist attraction. Arthur comes across fucking Marvin, who, because of the various fucking time travel he's been through, is now many fucking times older than the Universe its-fucking-self. Marvin reads the far-away fucking message with the help of fucking Arthur and Fenchurch ("We apologise for the inconvenience"), fucking amazingly says that he feels fucking good about it, and promptly dies in Arthur's fucking arms. Fuck.


for Jane
with thanks
to Rick and Heidi for the loan of their stable event
to Mogens and Andy and all at Huntsham Court for a number of unstable events
and especially to Sonny Metha for being stable through all events.


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