Reverse Temporal Engineering occurs when you expect something to happen and then later decide to go back in time in order to make it happen.

For example, if you decide you want a pizza, and a version of you from the future uses his time machine and brings one to you the moment you decide you want it, everything is swell and dandy for you.

However, what this means is that in the future, you must invent and build a time machine for your personal use, so that you may make (or purchase, depending on which is more convenient) the same exact pizza of your previous consumption so that you may bring it back to your past self, desiring the pizza in the original situation.

Therefore, if A+B=C, and B is dependent on the future, B is therefore dependent on your integrity and willingness to have C occur, and if B does not occur, then A will equal nothing, and you will be left without a pizza.

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