Joe melia

Mr. Prosser while trying to demolish Arthur Dent's house

Mr L Prosser is a council worker who tried to demolish, and eventually succeeded in levelling, Arthur Dent's house. Mr. Prosser is "only human" and is a direct male-line descendant of Genghis Khan, although "the only vestiges left of his mighty ancestry were a pronounced stoutness about the tum and a predilection for little fur hats".  He died when the Earth was destroyed by the Vogons on a Thursday.


Prosser was described as "forty, fat, and shabby". He was a "nervous, worried man". One thing he is especially nervous about is the demolition of Arthur Dent's house.

Mr Prosser liked axes, unlike his rose-fancying wife. Mr Prosser's dream home was a home well away from all problems but right near a pub.


Mr Prosser is mentioned in:

Behind the scenesEdit

On radio, he was played by Bill Wallis and appears in fit the first of the radio series. On television, he appears in episode 1 of the TV series, played by Joe Melia. He is played by Steve Pemberton in the movie version. He appears in fit the twenty-sixth of the radio series, despite not appearing in the novel Mostly Harmless, voiced by Bruce Hyman; this Prosser exists on a parallel Earth where the cottage he wishes to demolish is the home of both Arthur Dent and Fenchurch.

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