Lintilla was - and undoubtedly still is - a resourceful and good-looking woman selected to be cloned for use in the Brantisvogon escort service. She's now been cloned over five-hundred and seventy-eight thousand-million times ... which has created something of problem in some quarters.

The machine used to clone her, already in the middle of cloning a group of lonely business executives to keep the laws of supply and demand working profitably, had a slight break down. The machine cloned proper, fully-formed individuals, however, by the time one Lintilla clone had already been created, a half a clone had already been started. Therefore, the thing could not be shut off without technically committing murder and would thus go on creating Lintillas indefinitely.

This problem taxed the minds first of the cloning engineers, then of the clergy, then of the letters page of Siderial Record Straightener, and finally of the cloning machine company's lawyers. The lawyers experimented vainly with various ways of redefining murder, reevaluating it, and in the end even respelling it in the hope that no one would notice. Of course, they did, and in a final attempt to stem the tide of Lintillas, a group of Allitnils have been deployed:, anti-clones designed to eliminate the Lintillas in the most humane and legally defensible way possible.

A group of three archaeologist Lintillas were last seen working on the abandoned planet of Brontitall, two of whom subsequently vanished into a puff of un-smoke thanks to a pair of Allitnils, and one of whom may or may not have escaped the planet in the company of one Arthur Dent.

Lintilla was played by Rula Lenska in the radio series.

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