Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton was one of the six thousand, million people who hadn't glanced into the ionosphere on the Thursday that Arthur Dent's house was to be demolished to make way for a bypass, failing to notice any impending Vogon activity. She was not good at giving speeches and the guide goes on to say that those listening to the speech she was giving in front of Arthur's Coddington residence would have received great satisfaction to know that in four minutes later she would evaporate into a whiff of hydrogen, ozone and carbon monoxide. However when the moment came, they would be too busy evaporating themselves to take any notice.

She was honored and privileged to speak to the people of Coddington to mark the beginning of work on the "very splendid and worthwhile" new bypass that would be going through the "little country village of Cruddy Coddington."

The only description of Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton comes from a nameless voice in the crowd who refers to her as a "crud-faced old bag."

The Original Radio Scripts describe her as "a sort of Margaret Thatcher, or Penelope Keith type of character," and only appears in Fit the First of the radio series, where she was voiced by Jo Kendall.

Her "very splendid and worthwhile" lines were entirely dropped from all other versions of the story.

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