Energy-Hyperspace thingy 3

View of Hyperspace when travelling through it


To many people, hyperspace is the void between light speed and 0.97c (light speed). It is the closest velocity to reaching the speed of light judging based on the object's size and, of course, its mass. Very few species in the galaxy have harnessed this power; one of the most well known are the Vogons. To travel in this speed-void, one must have thrust capabilities of (π x 30,428,697)/(Mass in kg) Watts of power. In the case of transporting a 2cm fly at 0.97 x Light speed would require energy somewhere in the region of 1 billion years' energy output of the Sun. But due to the lack of intelligence of the species known as human, very little energy has been harnessed from the Sun and most of the species' energy is provided by digging up solids and liquids from the ground and burning it to see what happens.

If a carbon-based life-form was to reach Hyperspace without adequate protection, the eyes of such species would be fried and the body melted into an unrecognisable mess like a soup of some sort. WARNING - DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT APPROPRIATE INSTRUCTION

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