The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything

Understanding; to continue

42, facets to a diamond and within those fascist are; Understandings forces of light that reflects lines to structure the diamond.

Faceted circle then a faceted sphere of light started life the universe and everything.

The speed of light moves twice before it forces its shine all around. The four is the force of the first two shines in all four begining directions. You blink your eyes twice to move light on and off direction then perception.

The light that shines twice As then bends light back bright. We we see things refracting and reflecting and what we see.

4 has a space between 2 always when you write while looking. Remember you have to tell this if there is space between numbers because space is considered than or and in software.

Remember a four and two  goes in all directions math equals math. It just the amount that's different.

A diamond is forever so it's deep thought. The rose of a diamond is the center forever shining and going .

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