Episode 1
Episode Number: 1
Main Characters: The Book
Arthur Dent
Ford Prefect
Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz
Other Characters: Mr. Prosser
Workman One
Workman Two
Alien (boy)
Alien (girl)
Sandwich-board man
Irritated man hitting radio
Man at end of bar
Settings: Earth
Vogon Construction fleet
Written by: Douglas Adams
Directed by:
Original Airdate: 5 January 1981
Previous Episode:
Following Episode: Episode 2

Episode 1 was the first episode of the TV series. It was broadcast on BBC Two on January 5, 1981.

Story SummaryEdit

Episode 1 begins with a pre-credits sequence, the only one of the TV episodes to have such. A countdown to the end of the world is displayed through animation, and the narrator begins telling the story of the Guide and Arthur Dent's connection to it as the sun rises over the English countryside for the final time. Arthur wakes, discovers the threat to his house from a yellow bulldozer by looking out the window, and the camera pulls back to the credits.

This episode closely follows the plot and dialogue of the first episode of the radio series, omitting the speech by Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton. It ends at a slightly earlier point than the radio episode, after Ford's line "he might want to read us some of his poetry first", and on a cliffhanger that Arthur and Ford are about to be discovered in a Vogon storeroom, but before the Vogon poetry is actually read.

Cast and CharactersEdit

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