The Dentrassis are an unruly tribe of huge, furry, yellow, bug-eyed gourmands, a wild but pleasant bunch. The Dentrassis are extremely foul-mouthed and launch into long tirades, even when things are going right. For this reason, they make great TV chefs.[1]

The Vogons have recently taken to employing them as catering staff on their long-haul fleets, on the strict understanding that they keep themselves very much to themselves. This suited the Dentrassis fine, because they loved Vogon money, which is one of the hardest currencies in space, but loathed the Vogons themselves. The only sort of a Vogon a Dentrassi liked to see was an annoyed Vogon, which is also the reason why the Dentrassis welcome hitchikers aboard the Vogon ships, such as in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, where Dentrassis offer Ford and Arthur shelter after Earth had been destroyed.

The only genuine interests of the Dentrassi are the necessities of a gourmet existence and the irking of Vogons.


The Dentrassis are mentioned in:

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. From the book And Another Thing....

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